22 Apr - 2018 Sunday

Sunday, April 22,2018

 Chariot Construction Initiation Pooja and Holi Celebration 

 Chariot Construction initiation pooja:

Construction of Chariots for upcoming  Puri Shree Jagannatha Ratha Yatra begins on Akshaya Trutiya. On this auspicious day Priests hand over the agnya mala( order of Shree jagannatha) to carpenters to initiate the construction. In honour of this auspicious ritual of Puri , Ratha Anukula pooja has been scheduled to be held in our temple.

Holi Celebration:

Holi celebration was not possible after dola poornima pooja and Abira archana on feb 25th because of the cold weather in Michigan.  Devotees can take the opportunity to celebrate Holi  or the color of festival in our temple front yard while welcoming the spring to Michigan with full spirit.

Program Details

09:30 AM         Sri Kubera Shivalinga Abhishekam
10:30 AM:        Sri Ayyappa Abhishekam

11:30-1:00 PM: Sri Jagannath Puja, Alankaram, Prayer, Ratha Puja, Archana, Naibedya, Arthi 

01:30 PM:         Maha Prasad Sevan

02:30 PM:         Holi Celebration - Temple Front Yard

06:30 PM:         Sri Devi Parashakthi Abhishekam

* For Sankalpa, please buy Archana tickets for $15 and bring  coconut, banana, fruits, flowers. Abira packets will be distributed. Donations will be accepted for sweets and Abhira packets.

* For cooked Prasad or paper/plastic product contribution, please contact Swapna at 586 463 9168.

*Contact Persons:

Hare Krishna Patnaik - hpatnaik61@yahoo.com and Swapna Rath – Jay_jagannatha@ yahoo.com


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