Lord Guruvaruyappa Gayatri:

Om Trilokya Mohaya Vidhmahe

Atma Krishnaya Dheemahi

Tanno Guruvata Pureesha Prachothayat





Lord Krishna is worshipped as Guruvayurappan in the town of Guruvayur in Kerala, India. However, people from all parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as many other Krishna devotees from other parts of India go on a pilgrimage to this Temple town in order to worship Lord Krishna.

The following is an outline of the happenings in our Temple which led to the installation of Lord Krishna as Guruvayurappan on May 3rd, 2004.

This temple came into existence due to a “metaphysical vision” which occurred during deep kundalini meditation, at which time Divine Mother Parashakthi appeared and wished to have a Temple built for her as Parashakthi-Karumariamman in Michigan so that she could shower her grace to her devotees. She also wished the Temple to be built before tragedies start to happen throughout the world. She wished the Temple to be consecrated before the year 2000. In spite of various significant complications and hardships, because of Divine Mother’s grace and many sacrifices made by its founders, the Temple came into existence. Many metaphysical events took place during the construction which is still continuing in various ways resulting in significant benefit and reception of divine grace by the devotees of the temple. During one of her metaphysical appearances, she wished the founder, Dr. Kumar, to go to Kerala and meditate at the Guruvayurappan Temple to be followed by a meditative trip to Kodungallur and Chottanikkara Bhagavathi Temple. She also revealed that these three divine entities are connected through a very deep seated Kundalini-Tantric connection. All these three divinities will work in harmony to bring great deal of spiritual and material benefits to Divine Mother’s devotees. Many of the deep secrets revealed about these three temples involved Guruvayurappan and Bhagavathi aspects of the Divine Mother. All these events took place approximately five years ago and now as a first step, Guruvayurappan is being installed and this will be followed by other divine installations soon.

Since our Temple is going to be a major center for Kundalini, and as mother of Kundalini, Divine Mother Parashakthi creates these mystical events. As time goes on, our devotees will experience many more miraculous happenings, both in the Temple and in their own lives which will confirm the significance of all the divine entities being installed in our Temple. Installation of each Ishta Devatha is being planned by Divine Mother herself and her instructions are being followed by her devotees. When mistakes are made due to human ignorance during installation, Divine Mother Parashakthi somehow takes care of that and corrects them in many mysterious ways which has resulted in giving “life” to all the deities so they can benefit the devotees in the phenomenal and noumenal worlds. We are most fortunate to have Divine Mother Parashakthi showering us with her grace and leading us in the proper ways of installation of deities resulting in maximal grace to us through the various aspects of Divine Mother which manifests through various deities. We will all pray to Divine Mother and exhibit maximal reverence and sacrifice in order to receive her grace to the fullest.