Lord Sri Veera Ganapathi

Lord Sri Veera Ganapati is 4th of Lord Sri Ganesha’s 32 forms. In this form, the Lord Ganesha is depicted as a valiant warrior in a commanding position. Sri Veera Ganapathi is depicted with 16 arms with numerous weapons, a symbol of mind – goblin (vethal), bow, arrow, chakra (wheel), sword, trident, victory flag, club, serpent, noose, ankusha, mace, hammer, shield, spear, and battle axe.

Benefits of Worshiping Lord Sri Veera Ganapathi

The primordial element Sri Veera Ganapathi represents is the fire (Agni-Tejo). Worshipping this form is believed to help in overcoming fears and gives the courage to face difficult situations and also removes evil and ignorance. 

Veera Ganapati Manthra 

Veera Sakthi Shara Karumukha Chakra Kanga
Khadanga, Mudgara Gadaakusha Nagapasham
Shoolam Cha Kunta Parashu, Dhvajakudhvahantham 
Veeram Ganeshamarunam, Satatam Smaraami