Lord Venkateswara Gayatri:

Om Narayanaya Vidhmahe
Vasudevaya Dheemahi
Tanno Vishnu Prachothayat

Here is Dr. Kumar's letter to the devotees articulating the details behind this celestial event.

Dear Devotees, We are greatly blessed by Divine Mother, who manifests as Lord Venkateswara along with Bhoga Srinivasa and Lord Garuda. When Mother wished to have Her Temple built to protect the world from great turmoil, which is to occur between the years 2000 through 2015, She manifested Herself as a cosmic energy during my Kundalini “Thuriya” experience many years ago. Since then many significant events have happened and all of us are greatly blessed and protected by Divine Mother. The Divine Mother, manifested as various cosmic forces of highest degrees, gave us all our Ishta Devathas, which are Her different divine aspects, so that we may enjoy and get the grace easily from different vibrations of the cosmic entities connected to the respective Ishta Devathas.

As you all know, the nature of each deity installed at our temple is decided by Divine Mother. She gave us instructions to obtain each deity from proper Stapathis, and information about the mystics from whom we obtained proper, energized yanthras. She gave us proper mantras to activate the deities and gave me the information about proper Tantric Prayogam to bring the divine energy into the yantra, to bless and grace us. She gave us Guruji V.V.S. Dakshithar who was the godfather at Chidambara NatarajaTemple. All of us are experiencing his presence at our temple, although he has left the mortal abode. Guruji was an expert in Yantra preparation and Divine Mother made sure he made all of the initial yantras and initiated me into the ancient Tantric Prayoga Path. This brought Divine Mother’s energies in their various attributes and started the whole metaphysical process at our temple, which is so mind boggling.

She now wishes us to bring Balaji, because she wants us to get all the material boons, happiness, health and comforts during this disharmonious period the earth is going through. She has already said that she will protect the earth from her asura children who will have their way during “this period”, but she will mitigate their demonic effect to a maximal degree and protect us. When she instructed me to install Lord Venkateswara, I contacted TTD at Tirupathi. In spite of the initial difficulties, we succeeded with “Mother’s kindness” in obtaining all of the deities, including Bhoga Srinivasa moorthy, who is not well known even to the temple authorities. As Divine Mother informed me, the Bhoga Srinivasa aspect of Her, energizes Lord Venkateswara to distribute His energy to all of Her devotees. That is the reason why at Tirupathi every morning and evening they have special pooja for Bhoga Srinivasa, including daily Abhishekam, although only once a week they perform these for Lord Venkateswara. In fact, approximately one year ago when I went to obtain our deities, I found that the Bhoga Srinivasa moorthy idol was missing. Apparently one of the authorities did not want the information of Bhoga Sriniva moorthy to be publicized, so did not include Bhoga Srinivasa in the preparation of the deities, although I had requested it under Divine Mother’s direction. We had to go through the whole process again and remake the entire group of deities, including Bhoga Srinivasa moorthy and got it consecrated for the second time. Interestingly, this is the year wherein if the deities’ installation occurs, the energy will be maximally felt, typically in terms of phenomenal wealth, health and happiness. This year is called Sarvadhari year, which is most conducive for the above benefits. Last year was Sarvajithu year and all the deities placed here during last year will give us the spiritual benefit maximally and that was the year we installed Kubera Shivalinga and Lakshmi Narasimha as protective and boon giving deities.

We are fortunate that Divine Mother is so closely involved in making sure that we get the best of Her grace in the easiest possible way by making sure we do all these installations at proper periods for maximal benefit. So prior to installation of Lord Venkateswara, Mother has given us Kubera Shivalinga and as you all know Kubera is the cosmic entity which gives us all material goods and wealth, but Kubera also helps in the wedding of Mahavishnu (Venkateswara) to Devi Padmavathy. This is a mythological story, but it has very deep mystical meaning behind it. Lord Narasimha was installed prior to Lord Venkateswara, because Lord Narasimha’s aspect was the most intense of all Vishnu avatars. He remained for the shortest period of time and accomplished the greatest act of “destruction of evil” to protect the world during that period. Lord Narasimha is being followed now by Lord Venkateswara installation, through which Mahavishnu will grant us a great deal of material boons, grace and wealth. It is amazing how kindly “Mother” made sure of the arrival of all Mahavishnu connected deities beginning with Durga Mahalakshmi, followed by Kubera, Lakshmi Narasimha and now Lord Venkateswara, for our benefit. She has directed Shri V.V. Shridhar Guruji, a highly evolved spiritual soul to help us in this installation. She made sure the date and time of installation is done at the most auspicious time by choosing 22nd of June 2008 between 11:00 AM and Noon. The period falls on Kumbha Lagnam, Sravana star, Sankatahara Chathurthi thithi and Amirdayogam. We are all very fortunate and blessed to have Divine Mother Parashakthi’s love, compassion and grace. I hope we can show our maximal love, reverence, adoration and sacrifice to Divine Mother’s Temple, so that we can receive all the spiritual and material wealth she has prepared for us.

I thank you all for letting me participate along with you in this great mystic event, which is being done in the most proper fashion by the Grace of Divine Mother Parashakthi as Ka Ru Ma Ri Amman.

With lots of affection,

G. Krishna Kumar