Sri Andal Kalyanothsavam

Picture of Sri Andal Kalyanothsavam
08 Apr - 2017 Saturday


Time Program
08:30 AM Sri Kubera Shivalingam Abhishekam
09:00 AM Sri Navagraha Abhishekam
10:00 AM Dwadasha kalasharadhanam followed by Sri Venkateshwara Maha abhishekam for Srivenkateswara along with utsavar Srilakshminarasimhar
04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Sri Andal Kalyanam

1. Vishwaksena Mahaganapathi Pooja ( Invoking Sri ViswakSena and Lord Ganesa to bless the rituals to follow and to remove all obstacles)

2. Vaasudevapunyahavachanam ( Cleaning the Puja Sannidhi with holy water)

3. Aradhanam for Sri Venkateshwara Swamy & Sri Andal  ( Worship of Sri Venkateswara and Sri Andal)

4. Saakshi ThaamboolaPooja ( Pooja for 5 or 9 thaamboolam/plates containing coconuts and banana to be given to  elderly personsrequesting them to be witnesses to  the wedding),

5. Nischithartham (engagement)

6. Rakshabandhanam (kankanadhar anam/tying consecrated yellow turmeric coated strings  on the wrists of the Lord )

6. Yagnopaveethadharanam ( adorning the sacred Thread around the shoulders of the Lord)

7. Maalikaropanam (garland exchanging)

8. Pidi chuttal (removing Dhrishti/ evil eye )

9. Paadukaaropanam (Abhishekam for Shatari In Vaishnava tradition Shatari is worshipped as paadukams/footware )

10. Madhuparkam (offering mixture of ghee,yogurt,honey &fruits)

11. Annadarshanam ( Naivedyam of cooked rice or sweet pongal since it is not auspicious for performing kanyaa daanam & maangalyadharanam on an empty stomach)

12. Mangalaashtaka poorvaka jeergai vellam samarpanam

13. Kanyaa daanam (Kanya Danam literally means the "giving of the bride".)

14. Maangalyaaradhana poorvaka maangalyadhaaranam (Tying the Mangalyam)

15. Laaja homam

16. Akshatharopanam (shower off  akshatha/rice  ,gold flowers ,silver flowers, pearls &  emeralds) Followed by vaaranamaayiram ( reciting the Andal Wedding in the form of Song)

17. Raashtraasheervadam ( Blessings, honoring the Priests and Devotees)

18. Maha-Arathi ( Deeparadhana)

19. Sathrumurai (Special chanting in Vaishnava Sampradayam: It would usually include the first verse of Thiruppallandu and some reverential verses of preeminent acharyas of the sampradayam)

20. Theertha prasada viniyogam ( Distribution of Holy water, Sandal paste and fresh or dry fruits) followed by grand wedding feast(dinner)

Sponsorship Details:

Silver Sponsor: Devotees will receive a Thamboolam blessed with items during the Kalyanam

Gold Sponsor:  One Vastra Samarpana, Monthly abhishekam to Andal Devi or Lord Muruga for one year. Devotees will receive a Thamboolam blessed with items during the Kalyanam

Platinum (Bride/ Groom) Sponsor: Will represent Bride or Groom side during the Kalyana Utsavam. Also includes One Vastra Samarpana, Monthly abhishekam to Andal Devi or Lord Muruga for one year. Devotees will receive a Thamboolam blessed with items during the Kalyanam


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