Pronunciation Key

ô – as in Note

â – as in Fate

Î – as in Pine

aa - as in Far

û - as in Full


Ôm Shleem Pashûm

Îm Hreem Shreem

Ûchhishta Sundaryai Sûmûkhyai

Hûmphat Namahaa (or Swaaha)


Sûbhakaayaicha Vidmahay

Kaama Dhaayin Yai Cha Dheemahi

Thanno Bhuvanesvari Prachodayath


Ôm Îm Hreem Shreem Kreem

Sarvaaksha Rebhyo Sarvaan Gebhyo

Sarvayu Dhebyo Îm Sundaryai Kleem Sûmûkyai

Bheethi Karaam Prabhadyai

Bhuvaneshwareem Shreem

Hûmphat Namahaa (or Swaaha)

Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari is the fourth major power described in the Tanthras. The term Mahavidhya means "great knowledge" or wisdom. Each of these ten great deities is an outstanding personality of the Divine who bestows or reveals spiritual knowledge.


Divine Mother wished to have Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari aspect installed at the Parasakthi Temple. A year and a half ago, during meditation, Dr. Krishna Kumar was directed to meet a mystic who was an upaasaka of Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari. The mystic gave a special manthra to Dr. Krishna Kumar to energize and charge the vigraha of Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari prior to the installation at the Parasakthi Temple. The vigraha has been made with panchalohas (five auspicious metals). Dr. Krishna Kumar has been invoking Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari using this manthra for more than a year to energize the vigraha. As directed by our Mother, the yanthra prathishta of Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari took place on November 13th, 2005 and the mandala puja will be completed on December 30th, 2005.

The Divine Mother directed Dr. Krishna Kumar to meet the mystic again so as to have him make a yanthra for the installation of Dhevi Bhuvanesvari. During Dr.Kumar's visit, the mystic gave his own yanthra that he had meditated upon for 20 years and through which he had invoked Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari. The mystic informed Dr. Kumar Garu that the Divine Mother had directed him to give his yanthra to him so that the installation at the Parasakthi Temple will have an intense manifestation of Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari. This is an event of tremendous significance as a yogi who has been using a yanthra for several years does not readily hand it over to anyone, that too a stranger. It was Mother's wish to be with us here at the Parasakthi Temple and Her will has been realized. We are truly fortunate to have Her in our midst and the spiritual and worldly benefits which She can bless us with is immense.


Fourth in the list of the Dasa Maha Vidhyas, Sri Bhuvanesvari Dhevi stands for the concept of space. Space has many levels of manifestation: space of the physical universe and the space of the mind. Just as there are many layers of space in the Universe, there are many layers in the higher levels of the mind. In our body, the heart is where the infinite space of the Universe resides, and this is the seat of the Divine Mother, Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari, who represents this Space. By creating space, we release ourselves from stress and tension. Those seeking the Supreme peace should invoke and worship the Goddess Sri Bhuvanesvari, who is the power of infinite ‘expansion,’ peace and equanimity. Her sound-body is ‘Hreem,’ beeja which is as powerful as ‘Aum.’ ‘Hreem’ connects the space within the heart with the infinite and vast space of Consciousness.


Like most of the aspects of the Divine Mother, Bhuvanesvari is associated with Maaya. Maaya comes from the Sanskrit root, "ma," to measure. Maaya is also a synonym for illusion. Thus, Bhuvanesvari symbolizes the dynamic power of God that manifested in a multitude of visible and impermanent forms. In Hindu philosophy, the manifestation is ultimately considered as unreal because of its inconstancy and impermanence. But at the same time, the devotional scriptures say that Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari is also distinct from the illusion She creates because She controls it. But She is not caught in it. This quality of mastery over the worldly illusion gives Her the power to help human beings not to be involved in Maaya and not to be bound by it but instead to go beyond it.


The name of the Mahavidhya itself means the ruler of the world and a sadhak of Bhuvanesvari is always victorious on all fronts in life and becomes all-powerful. Even Lord Sri Rama had to propitiate the Goddess before defeating Ravana who had conquered the heaven.

A sadhak of Sri Dhevi Bhuvanesvari

• Gains a mesmerizing personality that draws all people to him and makes them readily obey his command
• Diseases, enemies and problems are forever banished from his life
• He has unexpected and huge monetary gains
• He conquers all problems in life - even the danger of untimely death
• He leads a joyous family life and gains fame and respect nation and worldwide
• Whatever he wishes for is fulfilled, for he is bestowed with 64 divine virtues which help him succeed in every venture that he undertakes
• She can bestow totality in married life and make it happy, prosperous and comfortable
• Grant a good life partner

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