Pronunciation Key

ō – as in Note

ā – as in Fate

Ī – as in Pine

aa – as in Far


Ōm Īm Hreem Shreem Namō


Kaamam Pala Pradhāy

Vasamaanaya Namahaa


Om Sarvabaadaa Prashamanam Thrīlokya Akhileshwari

Āvamāva Thvayaa Kaaryam Asmat Vaīree Vinaashanam

Vaarahi and Mathangi Mandala Pooja was held on April 1st and April 6th 2005

The mandala pooja celebrations of Vaarahi Ambika and Raja Mathangi Ambika denote the completion of the circle of poojas and worshipping the Goddesses at this time enables the devotee to get their full grace to enter the path of enlightenment.


- By Dr. Krishna Kumar, President and Chief Trustee, Parashakthi Temple

At the auspicious Mandala Puja of Varahi Ambika and Raja Mathangi Ambika Prathishta Dr. Krishna Kumar shared some of the mystical information with our devotees to enhance their receptiveness of our Divine Mother’s grace and wake up Her aspect which is deeply ingrained in us since creation, although kept dormant so far.

The purpose of sharing this information is to wake up the dormant divine energy in us by knowing and perceiving certain mystical facts about this function.

During deep kundalini meditation the divine Mother communicates and coveys to me certain mystical information. One of the items of information which [she shared with me, is to explain that the various “Shakthis” are Her aspects with different vibratory energy which are more conducive for our receptivity of their grace and energy]. In other words She descends from the highest vibratory level to more human vibration so that Her grace can be received by us. During these meditative (Thuriya) states She explained to me about Varahi Ambika and Raja Mathangi Ambika as Her commanders to distribute “Her grace” and accomplish “Her will”. Ever since this episode I have heard some mystics whom I met in various parts of India who specifically sought me out from the place of my meditation and informed me that they feel Varahi Ambika and Raja Mathangi Ambika are the active forces in our temple from the beginning. The few mystics who have sought me out were not known to me prior to that and they did not have any information about our temple at that time. When I questioned them on how they came to know about this they all said the same thing, namely that during their meditation divine mother Parashakthi communicates with them and informs them about our Temple in the USA where She is actively“manifested”. During these “communications” this information was apparently shared with these mystics. The Divine Mother gave me the mantras to invoke the divine energies within me so that they can manifest, connect and open the super-conscious communication channels so that all of our devotees can benefit. As usual the Divine Mother gave me information about whom to contact to obtain the vigrahas, yantras and other needed material for their installation. This took many months to identify these special souls to make pancha loka vigrahas in the most ritualistic and mystical manner. There were many hardships and then complications in accomplishing this but with the Divine Mother’s kindness and grace we were able to accomplish this and now we have the unique fortune of having them installed in our Temple.

Varahi Ambika and Raja Mathangi Ambika, that Varahi Ambika is the supreme commander of Divine Mother Parashakthi to control all the evil in the universe so that each one of us can evolve and manifest all the angelical elements from within and from the outside through our Divine Mother’s grace. As the supreme commander she controls all asura-demonic forces and helps us in acknowledging the existence of these elements in us, and helps us in conquering them.

Some of the devotees may be fortunate to have Varahi Ambika as their Ishta Devata and they will benefit a great deal since this aspect is more deeply ingrained in them. The Mantras Divine Mother gave me to give “life” to will be printed in this article and the devotees will benefit a great deal from this if they chant it 9 times everyday in the morning and during times of trouble. Ambika will come to you and do what needs to be done for you. Even though our devotees may have various Ishta Devatas, Varahi Ambika will be part of all of us to the extent of controlling evil forces affecting us in inhibiting our evolution and causing phenomenal world misery. Since the “Mantras” are active in our Temple it will be easy for our devotees to activate Varahi Ambika aspect in them and benefit greatly both in the phenomenal and the noumenal worlds.

Raja Mathangi Ambika is the most important Goddess of Shakthi universe. The enclosed article explains the fundamental meaning and activity of Raja Mathangi. Our Divine Mother Parashakthi Karumariamman as the supreme divine consciousness is manifest in the physical realm both universally and within us as Raja Mathangi, Who is considered as a supreme advisor to Raja Rajeshwari.

As some of you know the installation of Maha Meru – the 3 dimensional representation of Sri Chakra/Sri Vidhya in our Temple, transforms Parashakthi Karumariamman to Raja Rajeshwari-Lalitha Thirupurasundari.

Vaarahi Ambika as supreme commander and Raja Mathangi Ambika as Her supreme advisor completes the trinity in our temple.

Raja Manthangi Ambika is a distributor of all the divine grace which any separated soul needs for evolution back to the Divine Mother or back to the “origin”. In other words the travel back of Atman-Soul to Paramatman, supreme soul, is enhanced and completed with the help of Raja Mathangi Ambika. She gives us all the needed blessings and helps us assimilate it and benefit from it. Any divine grace manifesting in us will be mediated and enhanced by Raja Mathangi Ambika both as a supreme advisor of the “creative force” and the distributor of grace of the “creative force” to us. The Vigraha of the deities in our temple are designed by mystical sculptors and the various symbolic and metaphorical meanings are engraved in the various aspects of the Vigrahas.

As you know Hinduism is deeply metaphorical, symbolical and allegorical and our rishis in their deep meditative states have understood and appreciated the various attributes of the supreme-cosmic-consciousness that is manifested in the material world as various deities.

Each aspect of the Divine Mother are described by them as a particular “form” and Mantra to identify that particular aspect of the Divine Mother in us. This is how the microcosmic representation of the divine in us connects with the macrocosmic manifestation of the Divine. Raja Mathangi Ambika connects the phenomenal world that we experience to the noumenal world and shows us the way to break through the cycle of birth and rebirth and gives us the wisdom to connect to the “creative forces” which is our Divine Mother. We have descended from the “spiritual” to the material world. Raja Mathangi Ambika makes us realize our divine aspect and helps us to reach our goal, namely the journey back to the “origin” and the union with the “Divine”. We are so fortunate and blessed to have all this given to us out of extreme kindness by Divine Mother and by showing our appreciation to Her we will receive more and the “realization” will start to set within us.

The more we appreciate the kindness and grace that she showers us with, the more we will benefit from it.

Realization - appreciation and gratitude – thanksgiving to the divine enhances our journey back to the God-head. By volunteering time and or material things dear to us, to the temple where She is manifest will activate the divine presence in us, a microcosmic manifestation by which we can connect with the macrocosmic aspect of the divine leading to the ultimate union with divine.

Feeding the physical bodies (starving people)and helping fellow beings in all whom the Divine spirit exists, is a very auspicious act to get divine grace. Feeding the souls is the highest form of benevolence which is dearest to Mother Parashakthi. The devotees who get involved with activities at Parashakthi Temple by their participation and contributions will be the most blessed souls.


Lord Shiva is also known as Matang, His Shakti (power) is called Mathangi. Her complexion is dark and She possesses a moon on Her forehead. The three-eyed goddess is seated on the crown decorated with jewels. Her luster is like a blue lotus and is the destroyer of the demons (forest) like a fire. In each of Her four hands, She has a noose, a mace, an axe and a hook. She is a destroyer of the demons by enchanting them first with Her beauty and a fulfiller of every desire of Her devotees. She is worshipped for the attainment of great powers, power of speech, happiness in family life, etc.

Mathangi is the intelligible manifest sound. The primordial throb (adya spanda), which originates by the self-volition of the Supreme, starts a series of vibrations that take the form of nada.

• This is the Eternal Word, the creator of manifestation. The manifestations takes place in four steps:

• Sthula (gross, material principle),

• Sukshma (subtle, life principle,

• Karana (causal, mind principle), and

• Mahakarana (great causal, orginal rhythm).

These steps correspond to the four steps of

• Jagrat (waking state,

• Swapna (dream state),

• Sushupti (deep sleep state), and

• Turiya (transcendental state).

Mathi is the thinking mind and Matha is thought. The unmanifest Word perceives itself for manifestation and then reaches the thinking mind for expression (Matanga). When the word fashioned by the heart and formulated by the mind is expressed it is Mathangi. The Word of pristine purity becomes colored during expression (varana). The speech descends from the Supreme Source; bring into expression only part of its Glory, hence the name Uchhista (Leftover) Chandali. By catching the tail end of the Word (articulated speech) one can get to the source. The worship of Matang leads one to the realization of the residual above (Lalita).

She is the Mantrini of Lalita. She represents the power of attraction of Lalita. Her main purpose is to lead the spiritual aspirant towards union with Shiva Shakthi.

Raja Mathangi was the Goddess presiding over Manifestation. Through Her, thought becomes “word”, unmanifest “sound” is struck into music, ideas unfold into expression, potential becomes “being”. Divine Consciousness becomes the created Universe.

Raja Mathangi is the highest of the Goddesses in that She allows all their powers and principles to be realized.


She blesses all those who worship Her with:

• Sharper intellect

• Knowledge

• Wisdom

• Gain proficiency in Music