Sri Guru Peyrchi Transit

Picture of Sri Guru Peyrchi Transit
12 Sep - 2017 Tuesday


09:30 AM   Sri Kuberashiva Lingam Abhishekam 

10:30 AM  Special Archana for Sri Guru Bhagavan 

10:30 AM   Sri Subrahmanya Abhishekam

04:00 PM   Rahu Kala Archana

06:30 PM   Sri Maha Meru Abhishekam 

08:00 PM   Special Archana for Sri Guru Bhagavan


                                      VRISCHIKA, MAKARA, MEENA


MESHA:  Journeys for good, support from wife, marriage, goodtime for having children, intelligence, financial gains, good time for business, royal comforts, charming, foresight, social advantage.

VRISHABHA:  Win over enemies, diseases related to rheumatism, cold, blood sugar, will suffer on account of intemperance and over indulgence, problem through relatives, behaving ethical.

MITHUNA:  Progeny, interaction with honorable people in the society, blessings of god, getting help from there superiors in job, accumulating wealth, tendered hearted, honored by his friends, happiness, liked by all.

KARKATAKA:  Agonies from relatives, poverty, honored by public, vehicles, happy, gain wealth at the behest of king(govt), dignified behavior.

SIMHA:  Firm mind, intelligent but a tight fisted, good time for Co-borns, anxiety, unfriendly, ungrateful, stingy by nature, lose of job, obstrucels, fever.

KANYA:  Pleasant nature, excellence of wife, earnings through trading, obstrucles in academics, will not bear good morals, confer wealth, overall prosperity, increament in income, happiness, respectable.

THULA:  Variety of clothes, jewelry, possess charming, change of place, high expenses, ill health, enemity.

VRUSCHIKA:  Suffer from cardiac ailments, opposed despite being a benefactor, self- restrained, spend money in religious matter, occult studies, charitable, philanthropical, gain through enemies, loss of asserts, sad, unhappy.

DHANNASU:  Rich, benefactor of his family, ardently young aged in religion matter, opulent person, progeny, benefited, respected, financial gains through assets.

MAKARA:  Problems, possess tendencies of diplomacy, unmindful of others wealth, be a religious person, loss of asserts, troubles in job, delays in having children.

KUMBA:  Will be famous, rich, pure hearted, stingy due to narrow mindedness, remain happy, progress in all aspects of life, fortunate, good time to have kids.

MEENA:  Restless mind, travel to sacred places, devoid of wealth, unpleasant, harmful activities, jorneys, unfortunate, loss of money, troubles.

REMEDIES:  Sri Dhakshanamurthy Abhisekham (or)Archana, doing Danam of Chana dal, Sri Shiva Abhisekham, Sri Guru Archana, Annadanam.


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