Sri Jaggannath Return (Bahuda) Ratha Yatra

Picture of Sri Jaggannath Return (Bahuda) Ratha Yatra
22 Jul - 2018 Sunday

Program Details:

Sunday, July 22nd, Return Ratha Yatra

05:00 PM:   Sri Jagannath Archana followed by puja and Jagannath Astakam

05:30 PM:   Ratha (Chariot Puja) and Jagannatha Janana/ Bhajan

05:45 PM:   Pahandi (Lord Sudarshan, Goddess Subhadra, Lord Balabhadra,

                   Lord Jagannath Dance and move to the Ratha).

06:00 PM:   Odissi  Dance by Sheetal Mohanti in Rotanda to Invoke Lord Jagannath

06:20 PM:   Chhera Pahanhara (representative of devotees representing

                    the King of Puri cleans and paves the way for the  Ratha to move).

06:30 PM:   Rathayatra Starts Around the Temple Parking Lot along with Kirthan Group

07:30 PM:   Ratha Comes Back to the Front of the Temple, Maha Aarati & announcements

07:45 PM:   Maha Prasad

For Offering Prasad or for Program Information, Please Contact

Hare Krishna Patnaik at 248-495-2874

Swapnalata Mishra/Rath 586-463-9168

Please Participate with Friends and Family and make the Occasion a Grand Success! 


Archana $15
Ratha pooja $51
Ratha Pooja with Deities $101

$101 for each deity
$251 for all deities (Shree jagannatha, Shri Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra - sponsors will get the blessed Silk Sadhi from Odisha)
Overall Sponsorship $500



Please fill the following
Subscription Type Price Qty Amt($) Donate
Archana 0.00 Donate
Abhishekam 0.00 Donate
Ratha Pooja 0.00 Donate
Ratha Pooja with Deities 0.00 Donate
Pahandi for all deities (Shree jagannatha, Shri Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra) 0.00 Donate
Pahandi for any one deity 0.00 Donate
Overall Sponsorship 0.00 Donate

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