The Naaga Devathas are mystical, divine beings who have been worshipped by the Hindus since ancient days. In Rig Veda, the Naaga Devathas are described in the form of Agni “Ahibrudhya” which means the serpent who is hidden in the depth of fire. At our temple, the Naaga Devathas have been active from the beginning and many of our devotees have felt the vision and the power of the Naaga Devathas. As per the instructions of the Divine Mother, we will be installing Sri Naaga Raaja (the Serpent King) and His consort Sri Naaga Raani along with the baby representing the entire Naaga Devatha Family. Due to Sarpa Dhosham, marriages are delayed or ruined, progeny may be denied, and miscarriages/abortion will occur. 

In the Hindu tradition, serpents have always been auspicious. Sri Mahaa Vishnu lies on Adhisesha who is a manifestation of the Naaga Devathas. Lord Sri Ganesha, the God of supreme wisdom, ties a cobra around His waist to signify the serpentine power. Lord Siva wears a serpent around His neck, again symbolizing the “Kundalini energy” and His control of it. The Naaga Devathas such as “Anandha” is considered an energy Goddess who holds the heavenly bodies in their places. When one views galaxies through powerful telescopes they appear coiled like Anandha serpent. In our temple, Aadhi Parasakthi the Primordial Sakthi in the form of “Karumariamman” has a five-headed cobra rising above Her crown.

In Western society, throughout the world, including Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Incas, Mayan, Australian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Roman, the spirit of the “serpent” was considered very close to the divine spirit with higher mystical powers, although they are vibrationally closer to the human consciousness. 

The Naagas represent the Kundalini energy, which is the spiritual energy lying dormant at the base of the spine. This naturally rises as a person evolves and it purifies the subtle energy systems as it rises it purifies. We are very fortunate that the Divine Mother instructed to bring Sri Naaga Raaja and Sri Naagini Devi very soon to our temple for the benefit of all devotees. All devotees born under Raasis: Simha, Kanya, Vrischika, Makara, Kumbha, Meena, Vrishiba, and Karkataka will be particularly benefited by worshipping and participating in the Prathishta. Others will also benefit immensely from the removal of any health problems, improving fertility and assisting in Kundalini ascension (your respective spiritual evolution).