Dhrishti Peetam Sanctum at Our Temple

The Sarva Dhosha Nivarana Peetam was consecrated on Sunday, November 29th, 2009 (Ashwini Nakshathra, Dvadasi). It is located at the location originally proposed as the site of the Parasakthi Temple. Obviously, it is the Divine Wish of Mother Parashakthi to give Darshan to Her devotees as Chottanikkara Rajarajeswari at the same location chosen initially for the Temple.

It was the wish of the Divine Mother Parasakthi that we should provide a place for helping our devotees to ward off the ill effects of any Dhrishti. In other words, a place where all devotees can go and worship Bhagavathi and get Her blessings to be freed from the material, physical and psychological ill effects due to any form of Dhrishti. Thus, this Dhrishti Nivarana Peetam is meant to be a Dhrishti Parihara Sthalam (place). Accordingly, the three Peetams were placed without consecration in the Northeastern area near the Yaga Shala wherein various devathas were invoked during the Yagna performed during the Vigraha installation ceremonies.

Thus, we are fortunate to have Divine Mother’s protection for the whole world through the proper installation of the Dhrishti Nivarana Peetam through proper ritualistic consecration at the appropriate time which was chosen by Mother Parasakthi. We are fortunate in receiving so many boons and benefits through the Divine Mother’s kindness. SHE has become a personal goddess guiding us and providing us the needed protection at various levels.

Significance and Presence of World Protective Cosmic Forces at the Peetam

During intense Kundalini meditations, Divine Mother Parasakthi revealed to Dr. G. Krishna Kumar, Temple Founder, President, and Spiritual Director, that major damage from Dhrishti (Evil Eye) is caused by cosmic forces or cosmic Devatas. Some of these cosmic forces are Asuric or demonic elements that affect our life pattern and activities by random fall of their Asuric cosmic vision which is made worse by our own planetary weakness and susceptibility - thereby causing the “Dhrishti” effect on us. Asuric Dhrishti is a thousandfold more harmful than any human Drishti.

• Presence of Mahamayee (Maha Maari)

• The protective energy of Cosmic Lord Arishtanemi, who along with Indhra, Poosha and Brihaspathi, is the third level of transcendence for humans from the Divine Mother. This energy and vibrations are purely protective in nature.

• The proactive protection of Goddess Sashti Dhurga, to prepare in advance and protect the world from predicted apocalyptic catastrophes. The Divine Mother has blessed us with Sasthi Dhurga, the embodiment of all six Dhurga aspects: Agni Durga, Jala Dhurga, Bramha Dhurga, Vishnu Dhurga, Rudhra Dhurga, and Sulini Dhurga. They protect Devas (Angels) and all living beings from unbearable difficulties and from deadly enemies. Sri Dhurga personifies Sakthi, Maya, and Prakrithi. All Dhurga aspects of the Divine Mother Parasakthi are energized by “Her” and all angelical beings, including Thirumurthi, Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva-Rudhra. This high cosmic energy comes into play during the time of destruction by demonic elements. Dhurga is also a personification of Maya as shown during Her destruction of Madhu and Kaitabha where high Asura element tried to prevent the act of creation itself. Here as Maya, She deludes these high demonic elements, so that Maha Vishnu can slay them and continue his Srishti, Sthithi functions. As Prakrithi Dhurga inextricably is associated with the physical world, the world She creates sustains and protects in Her various forms. During the periods of major destructive actions of various demonic forces, She manifests as Maha Kali Dhurga and Chamundi and maintains cosmic stability. The Divine Mother has manifested at our Temple as Sasthi Durga to protect the world from predicted catastrophes.

• The Protection & Grace of the eight Naga Devathas through the two installed Naga Devathas, which are needed in order to make the Peetam consecration more effective for world protection.

Chottanikkara Bhagavathi, a manifestation of Lalitha Thripurasundhari and Her Bala aspect, Bala Thripurasundhari.

These cosmic energies & vibrations are protective in nature and will protect not only us, the devotees, but the whole world from both Asuric dhrishti as well as human dhrishti. The Divine Mother has manifested here at our temple for world protection during this Asura dominant period when our world will go through major catastrophes as foretold by all the ancient faiths including Mayan & Egyptian writings, Hopi Indian predictions, Book of Revelations, Nostradamus predictions and Roman & Greek Oracles. In the process of eliminating Asuric dhrishti, the dhrishti caused by humans will be easily eliminated, thus providing maximal protection to all of us.

Dhrishti Peetam Yanthras

Sri Chakra Yanthra: Divine Mother wished special Sri Chakra Abhishekam to be performed for Naga Devathas with Sri Chakra prepared by a Siddha with direction from his Guru who is in Jeeva Samadhi. His Guru received cosmic instructions from the Naga Devathas and the Divine Mother. This was done properly as directed by “Her” through the Siddha Gurus. The cosmic ritual resulted in Ashta Naga Devathas manifestation at our Temple to energize the Dhrishti Nivarana Peetham.

Maha Maari Yanthra: Intensely energized Maha Mari Yantra prepared by the Siddha according to Divine Mother’s direction was used with proper Mantras granted by Divine Mother.

Sashthi Dhurga Yanthra: Highly manifested Sashthi Dhurga Yanthra prepared by a Siddha under the direction of Divine Mother through his Gurus to energize the Dhrishti Nivarana Peetam for world protection. Although the initial date for the consecration was planned in late October, Divine Mother revealed the proper plans and granted us the most “powerful”, “dynamic” and “cosmic” designs of the Yanthras with the energies of the highest Divine manifestation, so that the world can be protected from predicted catastrophes.

Parihara Worship

Devotees may directly go to the Peetam, pray silently or contact one of our priests to perform Abhishekam ($51), Archana ($11) and special Parihara Pujas. Puja is performed on every Chaturdhasi day (twice a month) at 7:30 PM.  By offering prayers at the Peetam, we can ward off any ill effects caused by Asuric or human dhrishti, purva janma, Navagaraha, and other dhoshas.

Common Prayer:
Chant as many times as possible: Amme (Thaaye) Narayana, Devi Narayana, Lakshmi Narayana, Bhadhre Narayana

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