Great Saints, Sages and Siddhars on the Rajagopuram

Sage Agastya is one of the Saptarishis who are extolled at many places in the Vedas and a revered Vedic Sage who is also the author of Agastya Samhita. Siddhars were spiritual adepts who possessed the Ashta Siddhis, or the eight supernatural powers. The Lalitha sahasranama, which describes the 1000 names of the mother Goddess, was first revealed to the world when Hayagriva, an Avatar of Vishnu, taught the same to Agasthiyar.

Rajarishi Vishvamitra’s along with other powerful Rishis and Siddhars energy has been actively present at the Parashakthi Temple since the beginning and it is easier for Devotees to receive Divine Grace through them because they went to the highest realm of conciousness from Human level.

Sage Vishvamitra was the “seer” of the revered great Mantra - The Gayatri Mantra. It is a mantra found in the Rig, Yajur, and Sama Vedas. He was the mentor of the young Rama, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu and also to Lakshmana. The Gayatri mantra encourages creative thinking, not as mere human invention but as our portion of cosmic intelligence. It exhorts us to attune ourselves to the cosmic mind and its laws of dharma.

Sri Dattatreya is the foremost of Divine Teachers to incarnate the Earth. and came as the Supreme Philosopher (Avadhoota) so that the true meaning and purpose of Sacrifice (Tyaaga) may be revealed to mankind.

Lord Parashurama is the sixth Avathar of Vishnu. Dattatreya initiated Parasurama into Tantric worship and their conversations gave rise to Tripura-rahasya, a treatise on Advaita Vedanta.