Shakthi Garbha (Ark of Covenant)

shakthi garbha is the energizing source for all the 450 devathas on our rajagopuram, who will continuously shower their grace and blessings to devotees and the world. under the guidance of divine mother to dr. krishna kumar, we will be placing the sacred shakthi garbha (ark of covenant) having intense divine potencies representing the seed of the universe. similar to the ark in the ancient jewish tradition, the sacred garbha box containing 60 materials will be made with gold, silver, brass, along with other mystical materials with cosmic energies will be placed in the holiest of places in the stone engraving of the rajagopuram as instructed by divine mother parashakthi. the garbha, in which are preserved the germs of all things necessary to repopulate the earth, including many mystically energized herbs and metals, representing the survival of life, and the supremacy of spirit over matter.

prophet moses received the instructions for making the ark of covenant by god and solomon's temple, also known as the first temple, was the main temple in ancient jerusalem that housed the ark of covenant. the chest was said to be a source of miraculous power. synagogue (jewish temple) construction over the last three thousand years has followed the outlines of the original tabernacle and has an ark at the front. at our temple as designed by divine mother, the shakthi garbha which is the source of all energies will have miraculous powers that will bring immense spiritual and material benefits to devotees and make the rajagopuram at parashakthi temple one of the holiest places in the world.>

Shakthi Garbha or Ark of Covenant in Hinduism at Sri Parashakthi Rajagopuram and Bali peetam