Temple History


Mission Statement

Our mission is Sharing Divine Mother's grace with Humanity so that they can Explore and Experience Divine

Other Deities (Parivaara Devatas)

In addition to Parashakthi, prayers are also offered to the following devatas:

The temple has a navagraha mandapa where prayers are offered to the navagrahas.

Parashakthi Temple, also known as Eternal Mother Temple is a Shanmatha (six paths in Hinduism) tirtha peetham (pilgrimage) in the west for Devi Adi Parashakti Durga worshipers situated in the heart of Pontiac, Michigan, United States. The Temple was built in 1999 and the inaugural pooja took place on Vijayadasami day. Since then, thousands of devotees have flocked to see Mother to shower Her with their love and devotion. Several devotees have experienced many miracles at the temple and throng every week to participate in the Abhishekams and other special functions that are conducted throughout the year. The Temple was envisioned by Dr. G Krishna Kumar in a deep meditative Kundalini experience when Goddess Adi Parashakti/Shakthi/Durga guided him to build a temple for “Her,” for peace, happiness and paramount success.

Divine Mother Parashakthi is "Divine Pure Eternal Consciousness" manifested as Shiva Shakthi and formed a Nada Bindu (sound and spiritual light), which separated into Shiva and Shakthi. All the gods and goddesses are her manifestations of various vibratory divine entities. At Parashakthi Temple, she is present as Parashakthi Karumari Ambika who is closest to the earthly creations. Devi Parashakthi is Kundalini Shakthi, which manifested as Prakrti (Shakthi), which together with Purusha(Shiva) has materialized into various universes (multiverse) as living and non-living entities through maya (illusion) Shakthi.

Primary Deity - Parashakthi Karumari Amman - Divine Eternal Mother (Heart of Divine Love)

Our Divine Mother Parashakthi is "Divine Pure Eternal Consciousness" who created and manifested as our universe. She manifested as Shiva Shakthi and formed a ParaBindu, which separated into Shiva and Shakthi. All the Gods and Goddesses are her manifestations of various vibratory divine entities. At our Temple she is present as Parashakthi Karumariamman who is closest to the earthly creations and is able to grant us divine vibrations. In this form, we, as separate "Atma" (individual soul) can communicate with "Paramatma" (supersoul) through Her which will ultimately lead to our union with Her by Her Grace.


Regular religious rituals for the deities, such as Pujas, Abhishekhams, and homams, etc., are performed by four well-qualified priests. The priests are also available for performing off-site religious services. Please contact the temple to sechdule pooja at 248-322-4731.


The Temple is located on 16 acres of pristine land in a wooded area at the corner of Kennett Road and Sarasota Ave. in Pontiac. A small stream runs through the south end of the temple. There are Deer and other animals that inhabit the woods surrounding it. The temple has undergone a major remodeling which has resulted in additional space being added. Apart from over 6000 sq ft. of worship area, new space for offices, coat room, multipurpose hall for dining and holding religious events and talks plus a kitchen have been constructed. Together the built up area is about 10,000 sq ft.

Historical Facts:

Year Ancient scrolls

Swami A.N.K. of Mylapore read the ancient scrolls pertaining to Dr. Krishna Kumar and predicted Divine Mother Parashakthi has chosen Dr. Krishna Kumar to build the Temple in a place where She already is manifest. Since then, Dr. Krishna Kumar has been performing kundalini meditation.

Divine vision


The Divine vision of the Shakthi appears in deep kundalini meditation to Dr. Krishna Kumar, CALLING him to build the temple in USA where all Her children can reach Her, so that she could radiate Her celestial blessings for our peace, happiness and paramount success. Miraculously, sixteen acres of pristine, virgin, lush land was found in the middle of Pontiac, MI (a suburb of Detroit), which was purchased by Dr. Krishna Kumar. Mr. A. N. K. Swamy described this particular land, through the Nadi reading, over twenty years ago and it is topographically very similar to the Meenakshi Temple’s land in Madurai. There is a stream of water on the south side of the Parashakthi Temple. This land being chosen by Divine Mother herself is a spiritual home where a devotee can transcend the mundane.



Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaram accepted Dr. Krishna Kumar as his disciple and initiated him in an ancient mystical path with which our temple is divinely energized.

1998 OCT 7


1999 JULY 28


1999 OCT 19

Murthi Prathishta - Installation of The Deities were performed by Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran.

On Vijayadasmi - Lord Ganesha, Devi Sri Adi Parashakthi Karumariamman, Lord Subramanya with Valli and Devayani and Sri Natraja with Sivakamasundari Murthi Prathishta were performed by Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran. Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran did consecration according to vaidika yantra prathishta. Pujya Shri Guru is known to be an authority in making powerful energized divine manifested yantras.

1999 DEC 5-6

Poornaabhishekam (completion of ceremonies on 48th day of Installation of holy deities.) Congregation presents Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaram the title of “VAIDIKA PRATISHTHA PUJA DHARMA PALANA VACHASPATI”.

1999 DEC 31

Congregation celebrates the new millennium arrival with great jubilance in the presence of Infinite Divine Mother.

2000 JAN 5-11

Shilpis completed the granite mandapam for Lord Ganesha and Parashakthi.

2000 JAN 21

First Thai Poosam ceremonies after the installation of the deities. Thai Poosam is celebrated on Full Moon (Poosam) in Tamil month of Thai (Jan 14 – Feb 14) at all the Murugan Temples.

2000 APRIL 1

First informational dinner presented to the community by the Parashakthi Temple Board. Chief Guest was Oakland county executive Brook Patterson. Senator Spencer Abraham (who is currently secretary of energy) attended the function and spoke to the audience. Prof T. K. Venkateswaran and Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran thanked Dr. Krishna Kumar for his monumental efforts and presented Dr. Krishna Kumar with the title of Paschima Parashakthi Pitha-Samsthapana Raja Rishi. Dr. Krishna Kumar shared with the audience the Divine Mother’s calling to him to build a temple. The other speakers included Justice Taylor and Justice Young.

2000 JULY 11

Completion of the granite mandapam for Lord Subramanya.

2000 OCT 7

Samvatsara Abhishekam - one year installation of the deities. Prayer ceremonies (On Vijayadasmi) performed by Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaram.

2000 OCT 11

The first Nataraja and ShivaKama Sundari puja performed by Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari. Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran, was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.

2000 NOV 18

Devotees of the Temple arranged a cultural evening of music and dance to bring to the awareness of public the Parashakthi Temple, Mrs. Padmini Ramachandran was the chief guest.

2001 JAN 1

Om Shakthi - The Temple’s first newsletter is released.

2001 FEB 21

The first Shivratari Puja.

2001 JUNE 3

The first VAIKASI VISAKAM celebrations for LORD MURUGA.

2001 Oct 17-26

Vijayadasami Day: 2nd Temple Anniversary.

2002 April 30

Lord Hanuman Installation.

2002 AUG 30

Janmashtami day: Lord Jagannatha Installation.

2002 SEP 20

Installation of Sri Sathyanarayana Swamy.

2002 OCT 15

Vijayadasami Day: 3rd Temple Anniversary.


DEC Road to Temple is completed.


JAN 15 Pongal & Thai Poosum celebrations.


JAN 24 Thai Velli.


FEB 8 Maasi Makham.

2003 May 30-June 1

- Navagraha Prathishta and Shiva Linga Prathishta
- Kumbabhishekam
- The mandapam for Mother Parashakthi was enlarged and gopurams added.

2003 AUG 1-3

Nuthana Kaala Bhairva Prathishta.

2003 OCT 3

Vijayadasami Day: 4th Temple Anniversary

2004 JAN 31

Varahi Ambika Homam – First.

2004 APR 2-4

Lord Ayyappa Installation (Harihara)

2004 APR 13

Tamil New Year & Vishnu Celebration

2004 APR 24

Sankara Jayanthi Celebration

2004 APR 25

Ramanuja Jayanthi Celebration

2004 APR 30-May 3

Lord Krishna as Guruvayurappan Installation

2004 AUG 25,26,27

Durga Mahalakshmi and Ashtalakshmi Vigraha
Yanthra Pratheeshta Celebration on Varalakshmi Virtham Day

2004 OCT 22

Vijayadasami Day: 5th Temple Anniversary

2004 NOV 12-21

Skanda Shashti and Karthikeya-Valli-Devayani Utchava Moorthy Installation along with Bhogar Siddhar Vigraham Installation

2004 DEC 11

First public Varahi Homam

2004 DEC 21

Lord Venkateshwara Portrait Installation on Vaikunta Ekadasi Day

2004 DEC 26

Arudhra Dharshanam – Annual event
First Maha Sudharshana Homam

2005 JAN 15

Makara Sankranthi

2005 JAN 16

Devi Sri Karumariamman – Utchava Moorthy Installation

2005 FEB 13

Varahi Ambika Prathishta

2005 FEB 18

Devi Raja Maatangi Prathishta

2005 MAR 25

Lord Ayyapa – One year celebration

2005 APR 1

Varahi Ambika Mandala Pooja

2005 APR 6

Devi Raja Mathangi Mandala Pooja

2005 MAY 1

Lord Guruvayurappan Prathistha – One year celebration

2005 MAY 22

Vaikasi Visakam – 5th year celebration

2005 MAY 25

Sani Pairchi – First Saturn Transit Function

2005 AUG 5-8

Aadi Pooram Celebrations – Celebrated at Temple for the first time

2005 SEPT 2

Naloor Kandaswamy Temple Day – First Celebration

2005 SEPT 3

108 Phalarasa Kalasha Abhishekham for Lord Shiva with 108 Couples – First time celebrated at the Temple

2005 OCT 12

Vijayadasami Day: 6th Temple Anniversary

2005 NOV 13

Devi Bhuvaneshwari Prathishta

2005 DEC 30

- Mandala Pooja Devi Bhuvaneshwari
- Lord Hanuman Jayanthi
- Varahi Ambika Homam

2006 Feb 4

Intial Bhoomi Pooja

2006 MAR 25

Temple Expansion begun with Vaastu Homam, followed by Maha Sudharshana Homam and Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam

2006 Mar 26

Pradosha Abhishekam for Lord Siva and Abhishekam for Nandikeshwara (Nandi)

2006 Mar 27

Special Abhishekam for Emerald Lingam (Maragatha Lingam) Emerald Lingam (maragatha Lingam) has been given to Dr Krishna Kumar by a yogi, in a mystical way at Benares India by grace of Divine Mother. Divine Mother wanted devotees of Parashakthi temple to receive this divine vibration. The Emerald Lingam (maragatha Lingam) was first displayed at Parashakthi Temple on Shivaratri day. Devotees received benefit from darshan and touching this energized Emerald Lingam (maragatha Lingam).

2006 May 12

First Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanti celebration Poornami Day

2006 AUG 28

Sri Naga Devatha Installation

2006 OCT 2

Vijayadasami Day: 7th Temple Anniversary

2006 NOV 12

Anniversary Celebrations of Devi Bhuvaneshwari Installation

2007 APR 15

Yantra Dharshnam – Kuberashiva Lingam

2007 APR 19

Kubera Linga Sthapanam

2007 APR 20

Kubera Shiva Lingam Prana Prathista

2007 OCT 21

Vijayadasami Day: 8th Temple Anniversary

2007 OCT 28

Lakshmi Narasimha Installation

2008 APR 20

Kuberashivalingam Installation - Samvastara

2008 MAY 04

Vasukhi Nagadevatha Installation

2008 MAY 18

Laxmi Narasimha Jayanti

2008 JUN 22

Lord Venkateswara Installation

2009 MAR 21

First Saligrama Pooja Celebration for everyone

2009 JUN 07

Guruvayurappan and Chottanikkara Bhagawathy & Kodungalloor Bhagawathy

Deities At Parashakthi temple

principal deities that have been installed Year installed

Devi Karumari Amman – Parashakthi (main)


Lord Ganesha


Lord Nataraja (dancing Shiva) with Devi Sivakamasundari


Lord Muruga, Devi Valli, Devi Devayani


Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Lord Subhadra, Lord Sudarshan


Lord Hanumanji


Sri Sathyanarayana Swamy


Kala Bhairva






Lord Ayyappa


Lord Guruvayur Appan


Devi Durga Mahalakshmi and Ashtalakshmi


Lord Venkateshwara Potrait


Lord Muruga, Devi Valli, Devi Devayani and Bhogar Siddar Vigraham


Devi Vaarahi, Devi Maatangi and Devi Bhuvaneshwari


Sri Nagadevatha


Kubera Shiva Lingam


Laxmi Narasimha


2nd Nagadevatha


Lord Venkateshwara


Guruvayurappan and Chottanikkara Bhagawathy & Kodungalloor Bhagawathy