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Significance Of Annadhanam

Among all the forms of charity, Annadhanam is considered as an act of highest virtue. All the other human needs like clothes, shelter, and education impact only the quality of life but the food impacts the life itself. The food is a source of joy. Share it with others and the joy multiplies.  

        While Bhoodhan, Godhan, Vastradhan and Vidyadhan can be performed only by person of wealth, Annadhanam is within every one’s reach. It entails simply sharing one’s meals with the fellow beings. The food is also the easiest way through which a living being can be fully and instantly satisfied. The stomach is the home of fire element which is one among the five panchabhutas. This fire is can be doused by food alone. 

     If you consider the fire in the belly as a yagna and food as the oblation. the food consumed by a person becomes aahuti to the Lord who resides within, as the bhokta. Such an attitude would, undoubtedly, elevate the routine event like eating into a spiritual exercise.

Donate for Annadhanam and receive Divine mothers' grace and Blessings for ever.


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