Donate to Dwajasthambam, Balipeetam and Simhavahanam Construction

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26 Jan - 2018 Friday

It is considered a great blessing to participate in the construction of Dwajasthambam, Balipeetam or Simhavahanam for any Temple. Parashakthi Temple will commence construction of Dwajasthambam spring/summer of 2018. Please Donate/participate and receive great blessings and karmic Benefits for lifetimes.

Dwajasthambam, Balipeetam and Simha Vahanam :

Dhwaja Sthambha is also referred to as being a medium for the Heavens to be connected to the Earth, which would refer to it being a spiritual connector between us Humans and the Supreme Being, God above.

Bali Peetam signifies the Bali "Sacrifice" of all the negative traits of Human beings (Devotees) as we enter the Temple. Its also important to purify ourselves not just physically but also mentally and Bali Peetam symbolizes the purity of soul needed to enter the Temple and visit Divine Mother Parashakthi.

Simha Vahanam- The Lion (Simham) represents the vehicle of Divine Mother Parashakthi. The other significance is that every Human being has beastly qualities and Divine Mother will help us conquer these negative (Asuric) qualities so that we can evolve to a higher Angelical (Divine) realm of consciousness.


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