Lord Kubera Gayatri:

Om Yaksharajaya Vidhmahe

Alakapuri Dheesaya Dheemahi

Tanno Kubera Prachothayat

Lord Kubera is an ancient deity mentioned in Rig Veda as lord of wealth, health and material happiness. Mahalakshmi is the creator and embodiment of health, wealth and happiness. Kubera is given the status of custodian, maintainer and the distributor of this wealth to the souls of the universe. In reality our Divine Mother Parashakthi, who is the source of supreme eternal consciousness and creative energy, transcends to the level of various Gods and becomes the “creative aspects” of all of them in their transcendence from the highest to the lowest levels of creation. Our Divine Mother has instructed us to install this aspect of “Her” as Kuberalingam at our temple, which is a very unique combination and Sivalinga “aspect” of her. The following facts will make us understand the Kuberalingam aspect of our Divine Mother, so that we can perceive this very important “Divine energy” and receive the boons and blessings, which will be granted to us by the Divine Mother through Kuberalingam.

Kubera, mythologically is a great grandson of Brahma, the “creator”, who is the earthly creative aspect of Divine Mother in the material world. Mother Parashakthi emanates as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as main aspects of her, along with their respective creative energy consorts Saraswathi, Mahalakshmi, Parvathi, who are all her emanations. Brahma’s first emanation as Rishi Pulathsya gives birth to Vaishravana from whom emanates Lord Kubera with the specific purpose of maintaining and distributing all the wealth, created by Mahalakshmi aspect of our Divine Mother. Lord Kubera is connected to each of Thirumurthi namely Brahama,Vishnu and Shiva.

Lord Kubera is a great grandson of Brahama and is Brahamas fourth emanation. From Kuberas father Vaishravana emanates Rakshasas, who are the embodiment of Asura aspect and demonic forms and Yakshas and Yakshinis who are angelical aspects and emanations from Brahama through Vaishravana. Sons of Vaishravana are the most powerful rakshas - great Asura namely, Ravana, Kumbahkarna and Bivhashana. These three Asuras-powerful demonic aspects are one of the major participants described in the epic story Ramayana, where Lord Rama destroys these demonic aspects of creation. Ravana is half brother of Kubera in mythology. Lord Kubera was given Sirlanka as his abode, from which Ravana the demon half brother of Lord Kubera, chases lord kubera away and Brahama grants Lord Kubera the dominion over the northern part of the universe and gives him the status of protector of the northern direction of our world. The Great Pushpaka Vimanam- the flying city with all its wealth is given to Lord Kubera as his vehicle. He was given the city of Alakapuri, the luxurious city in the north as his abode from where he distributes his wealth as he travels in his pushpakavimanam.

His connection to Mahalakshmi is as a custodian and the distributor of all the wealth, health and happiness embodied by Mahalakshmi. Lord Kubera is dearest and closest to Mahalakshmi and our Divine Mother as Mahalakshmi gives the right to distribute all this wealth to the devotees to Lord Kubera. Lord Kubera is connected to Mahavishmu, represented by Lord Venkateswara. Lord Kubera grants all the material wealth needed for Lord Venkateswara’s wedding or union with Mahalakshmi as mother padmavathi. Mythlogically Lord Venkataswara has to continue to pay the debt owed to Lord Kubera. Symbolically, all the monies devotees give to Lord Venkataswara is sent to Lord Kubera as a pay back. This mythological fact has deep mystical significance.

Lord Kubera is the closest companion to Lord Shiva. By performing great penances, Homa and austerities to Divine Mother, Lord Kubera was elevated by the Divine Mother to a very high level and Lord Kubera felt he should take the place of Lord Shiva. Mythologically, it is stated that Kubera wanted to be placed in Lord Shiva’s position and repeatedly attempts to reach Lord Shiva’s status. Lord Shiva out of compassion takes him as his companion and makes him one of his dearest. This again is a very symbolic representation of reality clouded by maya. In our temple Divine Mother has granted us this unique combination of the distributor of Mahalakshmi’s wealth, along with Lord Shiva’s spiritual energy to be granted to us who are her devotees. This is a very rare combination, we are very fortunate and blessed to be chosen and given these aspects of Divine Mother Parakshithi to be with us in this form and grant us all the material, wealth, health and happiness, along with spiritual ascension granted through Shivalinga. Very few places in the world have this combination manifested in their respective temples. Lord Kubera is connected to all the three major Gods of Hindu Panthaon namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Mother Parakshithi has blessed us to have this form of her in our temple. We will do our best to install it with proper rituals, mantras, yantras-tantric instructions from Divine Mother along with proper homa and other necessary mystical instructions from “Her”. This will bring a great deal of benefit, both materially and spiritually to us. Those of us who take part in this divine installation by our sacrifices and sponsorship will receive million fold benefits depending on the degree of our sacrifices- “thanksgiving”. We are so blessed to be chosen to bring this aspect of Her to grant us immense material, spiritual wealth and benefits. Lord Kubera’s Pooja is always called Kubera-lakshmi Pooja since both are so closely connected. The planet Mercury is also connected to Lord Kubera by its control of the direction of north. By this installation and Poojas, budhagarha-planet Mercury will also bless us with wisdom and intellect. Since the beginning “Yakhinis” have been very active at our temple performing miraculous acts and benefiting our congregation. We are so fortunate and blessed that the Divine Mother Parashakthi has granted us Lord Kubera “the King” of yakshas and “yakshinis” to be with us so we can receive more of their blessings.

Divine Mother has granted us a great boon by instructing us to install Kubera Lingam. She directed me to meet a “yogi” at Thiru-anna malai. Thiru-anna malai is the most powerful Shiva Peetha on earth like Kailash. It is a world renowned temple for Shiva where Shakthi manifests as thiru “unnamalai”. This wonderful yogi who blesses devotees at Kubera LingamPeetha at Thiruannamalui was already aware of Divine Mother Parashakthi wish and was more than happy and cooperative in the process of making Kubera Lingam with all the mystical aspects. With great effort and sacrifices we were able to make this wonderful Kubera Lingam with all its “glory” and divine energy. This was accomplished with Divine Mother Parashakthi’s blessing and kindness for our benefit.