Sri Devi Varahi Ambika Homam

Picture of Sri Devi Varahi Ambika Homam
16 Mar - 2018 Friday

Program Details:

Friday, Mar 16th, 2018

09:30 AM Sri Kubera Shivalingam Abhishekam
10:30 AM Sri Tantrik Ganapathi Abhishekam
11:00 AM Sri Swarna Lakshmi Homam
06:30 PM Sri Devi Parashakthi Abhishekam followed by Sahasranamarchana

09:00 PM Surya Hora Sri Devi Vaaraahi Homam

Significance of Devi Varahi Ambika

Devi Varahi Ambika is one of the Saivite Shakti deities with the group of Goddesses known as 'Saptamatrukas' or the 'Seven Mothers'. The seven mothers are: Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Mahendri and Chamundi.  They are the Shakti (female) equivalents of their male counterparts.  Devi Varahi Ambika is the fifth among the seven Saptamatrukas, and hence also called Panchami.  In association with the Saptamatrkas, Devi Varahi Ambika can be said to be the representation of the controlled energy of courage and fearlessness.


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