Lord Garuda Gayatri:

Om Tatpurushaya Vidhmahe

Swarna Pakshaya Dheemahi

Tanno Garuda Prachothayat

Garuda said to be an embodiment of Vedas (Veda Swaroopi) is prominently eulogized in Puranas for his knowledge, strength and power. Lord Garuda Bhagwan is the all seeing eyes of Sri Maha Vishnu. Garuda is the Divine vehicle of Vishnu (Lord Vishnu is called as Garudavahana) and is a very powerful aspect that can be reached by Devotees very easily. Garuda has an entire Upanishad - Garudopanishad and The Garuda Purana in the Atharaveda devoted to him. Garuda is the Sankarshana energy of the Lord, who is believed to take the manifestation of the omniscient nature of the lord, during the process of creation.

Sri Garuda Bhagawan at Parashakthi Temple:

Lord Garuda is the mount of Maha Vishnu and is a very powerful aspect that can be reached by Devotees very easily. He appeared in Temple Devotees Kundalini vision and communicated to Dr. G. Krishna Kumar, Temple Founder and Spiritual Director that he wished to be installed at Parashakthi Temple in a very visible form opposite to Lord Balaji with Swarna aspect and that he will be very personal and will grant both spiritual and material boons to all the devotees that will come to our temple.

Benefits of Worshipping Sri Garuda Bhagwan:

1. Prayer to Lord Swarna Garuda will appease our departed Pithrus (Ancestors) who are closer to our level of consciousness and enables us to propiate the departed souls who can grant us boons and immense blessings when pleased.

2. Devotees have been granted with Unique and miraculous blessings.